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During the 41 year history of this great event, we have collaboratively raised over $5.1 million dollars, where proceeds are donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa. This yearly event during the first Saturday of the Iowa State Fair has become a mainstay of the fair and one of the most recognizable charity events in the United States.

Together, 25 sponsors from across the state of Iowa select an exhibitor and a celebrity to represent their steer during the show. These participants help sponsors raise money, collect non-perishable items and raise awareness about this event on social media. The sponsors, exhibitors and celebrities compete during the show for Overall Champion Steer, People's Choice, Showmanship and Community Hero Awards.

Once the show is completed we head to the auction block where the excitement really begins. Through the auction of the steers, we raise money from the generosity of steer buyers, representatives of each steer and countless donors from across the state.


If this event has peaked your interest and you would like to be a steer exhibitor in the show, please fill out the questions below to enter in consideration for the 2024 show. We receive many calls asking to participate in this event there are only 25 exhibitors per year. The Iowa Cattlemen's Association and Iowa Beef Industry Council are responsible for selecting only five of the 25 steers. The remainder of the exhibitors and steers are selected by each specific sponsor. 

Considerations the organizations prioritize during the selection process include but are not limited to: leadership, character, age of the exhibitor, willingness to raise awareness of the event in your community, quality and market readiness of the calf, and the exhibitors reason for wanting to participate.

We will review each application in June, decide which exhibitors to contact for an on farm visit and make selections from there. This application does not guarantee you will be selected as an exhibitor or a farm visit. We would love to have each interested person participate but unfortunately that is not possible. Filling out this form will allow us to save your information for future consideration.


Thank you for your interest and we hope to meet you and your steer!

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